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Профессиональный репетитор по английскому языку и химии, подготовка к ОГЭ, ЕГЭ, экзаменам в вузы. Как проходят занятия.  


Эссе и топик по английскому «Русская литература». English Essay and Topic "Russian Literature".

English Essay and Topic "Russian Literature"

Russian classical literature is valued throughout the world. The 19th century gave Russia and the world a pleiad of great writers who created unique masterpieces. Therefore, the 19th century is considered the Golden Age and the time of the highest bloom of Russian literature. During this time, the national poet Alexander Pushkin created the literary Russian language. He wrote fairy tales, plays, poems, and novels. He left examples of love, romantic and civic lyrics, permeated with the spirit of freedom.

Эссе и топик по английскому «Москва». English Essay and Topic "Moscow".

English Essay and Topic "Moscow"

The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow is the largest city not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Its population exceeds 13 million people. Moscow is the most important industrial, commercial, cultural and tourist center of Russia. The authorities and the president's residence are also located in Moscow. Moscow has the highest standard of living in Russia, however, the cost of living is also very high.

Эссе и топик по английскому «Россия в современном мире». English Essay and Topic "Russia in the Modern World".

English Essay and Topic "Russia in the Modern World"

Russia is the largest country in the world. It occupies one-eighth of the land mass and is washed by 13 seas. Russia has a long history and enormous natural resources, and Russian scientists, writers, artists and filmmakers have contributed greatly to the development of world science and culture. Russia occupies an important place in the modern world, and it is impossible to imagine the world without it.